World Immunization week

Hi Curofians, here are some vaccine-preventable diseases. I have prepared slides on the signs and symptoms of these diseases. It could be prevented with vaccinations. We should support the Child and Adult Immunization and spread the information to the community.



Very informative during this peak time of pandemic spread. Yess immunization of both child and adult is a must. As of till date,most of the death cases of covid19 are adults. This vaccination, will help break the chain of pandemic or any epidemic disease spread. Thankyou for sharing !!

Good presentation of Vaccine preventable diseases . Diphtheria, Hemophilus influenzae typeB, Hepatitis A andB, Herpes Zoster, Human Papillomavirus, Measles Mumps, Influenza, Meningococcal disease, whooping cough, Pneumococcal disease, Polio, Rubella, Tetanus and Chickenpox

An informative post help ful to all curofians. Considering the world immunization week- these slides are a useful link to the continued immunization knowledge. Thanks- Dr Sambhavi

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I have a paper' " HOMOEOPATHY IN THE FIELD IMMUNIZATION AND PROPHALAXY" published in ROTARY monthly magzine of ROTARY year 1992

Thanks for sharing, easy to understand and useful information,

Thank you for quick revision and strengthening my knowledge.

Very well done, informative, good work

Well elaborated informative post Dr

Excellent job Dr Sambhavi.

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