World Immunization week

#VaccinesWork Vaccination can help us in the battle against COVID-19 & can bring our life back to normal. But will we be able to win this battle with the shortening of doses?




We have been eradicated 'Small pox' & 'Polio' by the use of proper vaccines .Both are viral infections but it took many years to eradicate. Like that COVID-19 and it's mutant strains (viral) will be also eradicated from this world but it will take time. "Happy world Immunization week".

Samacharanni angeekaristunnanu

Certainly with no doubt India will win against pandemic Vaccination is going on in well planed manner Production of vaccines need to be in full swing and to cover mass population irrespective of age difference. It will take time but we will and we can Hopes are not lost Yes we will have to pay a price for it

Yes I am agree with you. Rapid vaccination will help to eradicate Covid -19 .

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Happy Immunization week Immunization has the health and wellness of Whole world.

Yes I agreed vaccination can help to save our lives. Please come forward and participate in vaccination .

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