World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2020

Do not dismiss depression as a normal part of having a chronic illness. Prevention begins with the better understanding and it should be started with the first sign of mental health problems. Do you warn your patients when you see such symptoms?



If 4 symptoms present out of9 it is depression insomnia or more sleepy Lethargy dryness of mouth Constipation Suicidal thoughts Burning Somatic complaint Be focus relax yoga limitations God has much more then expected Adaptability is main You can't satisfy every body

At the age of almost 80 years and more than 40 years of psychiatric practice I could not find the first symptom of any mental disorder. I found a thick layer of dust on my ICD or DSM books that shows I do not give much importance to these books. Presently two bizarre thoughts are hammering me. What is the first sign of mental disorder (allow me to use the word "mental problem") and whether these books are only of academy importance or have very very helping tools in diagnosis in day to day practice.

Valuable opinion sir, mostly people suffer in silence and do not seek medical attention. Awareness about mental health is limited especially in India.

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Yes. Depression is the tip of the ice berg of mental illness. Under present circumstances of COVID pandemic every body is suffering from either one kind or another kind of mental illness.

Thanks Dr Rupali

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An intelligent doctor may suspect depression from history and body language . but it is extremely difficult to diagnose bi polar disorder amd mix psychotic disorder for a non psychiatric doctor .

Iceberg phenomenon is the most common when it comes to depression.

True Sir!

It's important for us as medical professionals to understand that depression is as much neurobiological as it is psychological... It's important to notice the signs, counsel and refer the patients appropriately... It's not a sign of weakness in the side of the patients, it's a genuine call for help and support

Ayurveda explains Health as " Samadosha, samagnishcha samadhatu mala kriyaha.. Prasanna atma indriya manaha swasta iti abhideeyate" (sushruta samhita).. Means.. One is in perfect health when the functions of tridosha, sapta dhatu, trimala is normal with complete pleasant state of mind,.. So even the treatment approach will be two dimensional i.e physical and psychological.. Illness whether chronic or acute.. It's always include mental health.. The one with strong positive thinking will survive the worst, at the same time weak mind will face difficulties to face even simple fever

We should talk.i have seen patients feeling low ,in all different age groups We should often talk to our patients . We should be able to spend more time than normal. Well ! In my expirence I have dealt with quite more Ano rectal cases.. patients often feel bad about them selves ,they feel low as if it is sin.. after every sitting of kshara sutra..I make time to talk to them Counsel them makr them understand that it's totally normal and okay. I try to talk to the attendingor family and ask them to take care of patient., Their moods,I ask them what they do, how they behave , what are their thought processes. How they are taking any situation in their life Make them feel good about themselves. Because ultimately we want to heal them not just cure them I can be taking more time than any other doctor, while ops or IPs but I always consider talking to my patients even though if it takes that extra time.

Being a Doctor it's a huge responsibility for us to uplift the patients spirit.. N boost their confidence.. Hence doctors are called as "vaidya narayano hari".. So as he has faith in God he has faith in doctors also.. It's our responsibility to live it up


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