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World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2020

Mental illnesses take many forms. It can be a mild form or it can be so severe that the patient may need care in a hospital but Mental disorders are treatable. Awareness is needed.



Mental illnesses are inherent part of the society. Major Psychiatric illnesses like Schizophrenia, MDP , Endogenous depression do require a specialized Psychiatrist consultation. Concern is of minor Psychiatric illnesses like 1.Anxiety disorders 2.Phobic disorders 3. OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder. 4. Hypochondriac disorders and Psycho- somatic illnesses Of late,new disorders are emerging like Militant related Anxiety and depression as seen in kashmir Valley, Corona Phobia as Dr Kiran Deshpande-,rightly pointed out . A good awareness video - by Deshpande Congrats

Very creative and helpful video about mental disease awareness which is normally neglected and less diagnosed and treated.

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Informative and educative video. Under present circumstances of COVID pandemic every body is under going some kind of mental disorder like anxiety,stress , depression,illusion etc. Stay home...stay safe. Do some constructive work to avoid any kind of mental or physical illnesses.

Thanks Dr Parveen Yograj

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Congratulations! Your case has been selected as Case of the day and you have been awarded 5 points for sharing the case. Keep posting your interesting cases, Happy Curofying!

As u told,This year everyone is worried about Covid-19, & more &more people are affected by it varying from minor ailments to major problems. Sir, today ur opinion & counselling is much more needed than ever, Wishing all my curofian friends, a well balanced World Mental Day....

Tq.dr.Deepak raj

So true sir A follower of your post and cases. They are always interesting and educative. Thank you sir.

Mostly Educative for mental health awareness discussion Sir. Thank you Sir.

अति महत्वपूर्ण एवं उपयोगी जानकारी दी गई है धन्यवाद देता हूं।


Nice informative post Doctor


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