Young female 18 yr old , large mass left half of outer breast , painless


Only if there is a strong BRCA family positive status would malignancy in this age group be the first thing to rule out. Otherwise age and radiological features are s/o benign lesion. What is the status of rest of quadrants of same and contralateral breast, and the overlying skin & nipple of same breast. It could be a giant fibroadenoma or cystesarcoma phylloids. Core biopsy needed

Is it hard, tender, mobile? May be fibroadenoma. Do FNAC

It's mentioned painless. Is it mobile skin puckering over the mass. I thought of ruling out malignancy as it's a big lump young age and painless

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Painless breast lump with regular outlines and thik fibrous tissues like fibroadenoma of breast , needs further evaluations e. g FNAC and tissue biopcy, treatment , according to the results. (might b malegnant).

Solid mass with regular margins and mild posterior acoustic enhancement is s/o Fibroadenoma.

Yes phylloides is surely a possibility. But kindly get a Fna done.

Giant fibroadenoma

What is the FNAC report?

Cystosarcoma phyallidus

She requires a frozen section biopsy and follow accordingly


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