young female with white nails Differential Diagnosis



It's important to know whether nails are pale or bluish ,to me they are blue so 1) methhaemoglobinimia 2) PVD 3) cirrhosis 4) nitrite poisoning

severe iron deficiency anemia cal deficiency mal nutrition vit B 12 deficiency low immunity disorder Diabetes nd AIDS

? Terry's Nails ?? Cirrhosis

1.Hypoalbuminemia due to chronic liver/kidney disease.2.anemia.3.lymphoma.4.congenital.

Ddx severe Anemia leucinychia ,Hypo albuminemia

Pale white nail causing pallor

Leukonychia.there should be angular stomtitis also Advanced iron deficiency anaemia

Pale pinkish white nails Severe iron deficiency anaemia Calcium deficiency Low vit d levels Look for systemic diseases

Thanx dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Leuconychia totalis may be due to hypoalbuminemia due to renal disease

Severe Anemia Mal nutrrition Polyartritis nodosa Peripheral vasculopathy Cynotic heart disease Chr lung disease

Thanx sir

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