Young girl has lesions confined to hands c severe itching for more than 2 weeks.Pls comments.


Scabies with Secondary bacterial infection. Streptococcal coverage..... Amoxyclav or Amoxycillin +Dicloxacillin or 1st /2nd Gen Cephalosporin. Once infection is gone then treat with Permethrin 5% cream neck to toe applications for 12 hrs f/b hot rubbed bath to ensure dislodging of mites. Tab Ivermectin 200 micrograms per kg body wt (maximum of 12 mg) single dose at bed time. Tab Levocetrizine 5mg BD for 2-3 days then 1 ODPC for 5 days to reduce itching. Simultaneously treat all the family members. Clean all the used clothes. Tell her that rashes may persist for few days even after successful treatment.

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Scabies with secondary bacterial infection

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Scabies with Secondary Infection

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Scabies with sec. bacterial infection

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Scabies with infection

Scabies with secondary infection

? Scabies with secondary infection.

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Scabieswith secondary infection

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Infected scabies

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