Faces behind Curofy


Curofy Culture

We don’t work hard to deliver veggies. We work tirelessly to impact and save lives! This is our caffeine, this is our drug.

Curofy Mission

We are on a mission to fix the broken healthcare system. We do it by making Doctors’ lives easier so that they can deliver the best patient care.

Curofy Vision

Our vision is to become the largest Doctors’ network in the world. We envision a world where 10 million Doctors on Curofy will solve the world’s healthcare problems.

We are Curofy

Mudit Vijayvergiya

Nipun Goyal

Pawan Gupta

Alekhya Bolla

Anchal Sanchan

Anshul Agarwal

Bhavya Arora

Gagan Sharma

Harsha Tanguturi

Harsh Bajoria

Jaswant Kumar

Keshav Aggarwal

Mansi Bhatt

Mohit Gupta

Dr. Neelam Chauhan

Dr. Palak Arora

Pradeep Kumar

Priyanka Chatterjee

Dr. Pushker Singh Mehra

Rahul Garg

Santu Dey

Dr. Shalini Singh

Shubham Mittal

Subhendu Rana

Sudip Chhatui

Sukhpal Singh

Sunil Kumar

Susheedha Raj

Tarun Chadha

Vinayak Bagaria

Reason to Work with us

Fantastic Peers

We dream, we aspire, we work and play together. We are humble and proud, we are jolly and tenacious.

Growth Addicts

We eat and breathe growth. Hard work translates to growth. hence we push ourselves and each other to the limit. You will be challenged.

Changing the World

We want to change the face of healthcare landscape in the country. All our efforts and steps are taken to fulfill this ultimate dream.

Yum Food

A full and satisfied tummy is key to the hours of happy slogging. We dont compromise on food. Lunch, snacks and surprise treats is what keeps us going.

No Titles, Only People

We work with people not titles. The door is always open for anyone to vent their feelings and give their ideas. We at Curofy don't make colleagues, we become friends

Fun Place

Surprise b'day parties, pizza parties, cricket , football, hackathons all form a part of our daily routine. There's never a dull moment at the office.